Insurance vs. Assurance

It does not take a gravely serious health issue to demonstrate the need for health insurance.  Recently, I experienced a short hospitalization and trip to a specialist.  My deductible and co-insurance were enough to impact our budget for several months.  You likely know exactly what I mean.  We buy insurance for our crops, our automobiles, our homes, our health, our lives, and even to cover our toys.  Why?  We do this ‘just in case’ something bad happens and we won’t be able to afford the cost.

Some people buy into Christianity with a like mindset.  When we read the Bible, we read stories of heaven and of hell.  We hear the precious promise of Jesus in John 3:16 that “whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.”  So we respond, “It sounds good to me.  Where do I sign?”  The premium looks reasonable, especially considering that Jesus paid it.  It looks like something we all need, that is ‘just in case’.

This attitude poses two problems.  First, what if you don’t really believe?  Now that is a big problem.  The other possible problem with this mindset is there is no real assurance that we are covered.  Things like continual sin and guilt must cause us to question if there are riders on the policy that could leave us exposed.   In other words, where does the assurance of salvation come from?  Living in fear is exactly the opposite of what insurance is intended to achieve.

At central issue is the understanding of what it means to believe in Christ.  Some teach that all you must do is to believe the facts about Jesus.  This is not the meaning of the original word written in Greek.  To believe in Jesus, you must also rely on and yield yourself to him.  True faith depends on Jesus to forgive your sins just as He said He would.  It also includes an acceptance of the fact that Jesus will take control of your life.  For the person who has Jesus as insurance, he believes he has Jesus, but there are always doubts.  For the person with assurance, Jesus has him or her.  In other words, when we truly receive Christ and believe in His name, we become His.  Belonging to Him, not our having Him, results in assurance that brings peace and joy in our lives as Christians.