A Visit to the Past

Last Monday, I was with my parents in Groton, SD.  I took them to visit an area about twenty miles to the north where I spent most of my childhood.  We drove by four different houses that we used to call home.  We drove to an old two-room school house where I attended first and second grade.  We walked to an old bridge crossing a small river on an abandoned road where I used to fish as well as skate in the winter.  We visited Sand Lake Wild Life Refuge that has an existing lookout tower that was constructed over 60 years ago and can still be climbed to the top.

For all of us, this was a trip down memory lane.  It has been at least ten years since I have seen some of these sights and perhaps forty years since I have been down to the bridge.

This visit of history from our past identified a contrast I could not miss.  Two of the four houses we lived in had been substantially remodeled.  Because of additions and improvements, they were hardly recognizable.  The other two homes were just as I remembered them, even to the color.

The school house and the bridge were in very tough shape.  For both, the lack of upkeep and investment were more than evident. 

In our spiritual lives, this contrast may exist also.  The same three options exist: abandonment with lack of upkeep, maintaining the status quo, and investment into improvements.  It probably does all of us good to look back to see what has changed and how.