The Gadget Generation

Today I read an article written by a Professor Patty Lamberti at Loyola University’s School of Communication entitled Tech Savants, Five Things You Need to Know About the Gadget Generation.  She wrote about her first hand experience with a student population that were largely enslaved to technology.  The five things listed were: 1) They are blind to technology etiquette.  2) Multitasking is hurting their brains.  3) They dislike conversing face to face.  4) Their only news comes from Facebook. and, 5)  Life without technology leaves them depressed and anxious.

This professor convinced a communications class to give up social networking, emailing, web surfing, and texting for 48 hours and then write a paper about their experience.  According to their papers, they could live without the Internet in general.  But 48 hours without Facebook was torture.  The words addiction, depression, withdrawal, and lonely appeared in every paper.  Telephone use was not against the rules but only a few called friends or family.

I am trying to imagine what this trend is doing to family life.  What will its impact be on marriages that are already under attack?  What are our children learning about having a healthy relationship that requires open communication and consideration for other people?  How will they relate to God which requires quieting oneself, study of the Bible, and listening to Him?  Parents, do you see my concern? What can you do at home to counter this?