Fixing Fence

Nancy and I spent Labor Day at my daughter and son-in-law’s farm in South Dakota.  It was a great day as we were able to see our only grandchild as well as spend time with our two daughters and one son-in-law.  Bryan was in the process of building fence to prepare for taking in sheep for a few months this winter.  His opportunities to work on this fence are limited so he wanted to use this day to make some headway.  I was delighted to be able to work with him.  I packed my leather gloves and work boots and was blessed with a beautiful day to spend working outdoors at something I have not done for over thirty years.

I would guess most of you could not imagine fixing fence as enjoyable.  Dirt, barbed wire, digging holes, filling them in, tamping the dirt tight around the pole – fun, right?  But really, I had fun.  It was good building something that is visibly an improvement at the end of the day.  But what made the project fun was more who I was working with than what I was doing.  I enjoy working with my children and helping them make improvements in whatever is important to them. 

God said that when he made man, he made man in His own image.  This does not mean a physical image as God is invisible.  When He created the human race, He put within us certain propensities that are consistent with His nature.  Now sin messed many of these up to a large degree, but we are still made in His image.  I can’t help but wonder if my tendency to enjoy helping my children even when it involves getting dirty and sweaty isn’t a partial picture of God’s nature.  I truly believe that God enjoys helping us in what we are interested in – at least as long as our interests are not sinful. 

We quit about five o’clock.  The south fence in this pen was erect and straight.  I had helped and felt good for contributing to the benefit of my family in South Dakota.  I wonder how much joy God experiences when He helps us.