God's Warning System

This past Friday, our community weathered a tremendous storm.  I was told the winds exceeded 100 miles per hour.  They destroyed large trees, grain bins, and machine sheds.  Roofs were damaged and a few cars lay under the weight of tree trunks.  Yet, as I understand the facts, no one was injured during the storm, thanks mostly to appropriate warning sirens and radio reports urging people to take cover.

It is times like this that we especially appreciate the investment in a warning system.  When the system was designed and installed, it was during a time of calm.  You can be sure the sirens were not lifted to their resting places when winds howled and clouds threatened.   They were installed in balmy weather and were tested during times when no danger was pending.

For those who are listening, God also has provided warning to protect his people.  The Bible is full of warnings.  1 Corinthians 10:11 tells us that the stories of the Bible were written for our warning.  Paul tells us that if we think we are standing firm, we had better be careful.  In Galatians, Paul again gives warning when he tells us not to be deceived.  Just as a farmer harvests the grain that he plants, we also will experience the consequences of our decisions.  Remember, each of us has ability to make choices but we cannot choose the consequence of the choices.  A warning alerts us of the consequences hopefully to alter the decision process.

To be of value, a warning must not only be heeded; it must be heeded in proper time.  We could have waited too long to go the basement during this past storm.  We also can wait too long to follow the counsel of God as given us in scripture. 

For many of us, to escape a violent storm as we just experienced, it requires hearing the siren first.  In the same way, a day will come when it will be too late for people to heed the warnings of God and turn from their sinful and self-centered ways in order to follow his ways and walk in his path.

As you read scripture, pay attention to the warnings.  God may be slow in fulfilling His warning, but He does not cry wolf.