What to Give Jesus for Christmas

This week I received a text from one of our daughters, “I need a Cmas idea for you!”  This is a short way of saying, “Dad, what would you like for Christmas?” 

It is wonderful having a daughter who wants to express her love for me, her Dad through a gift involving some measure of personal sacrifice.  However, like my parents, I am in a position of life where there is nothing I really need.  From a financial perspective, I would rather my daughter use her resources to pay down on their debt or buy something they need or save for a rainy day.  Her needs are greater than mine.  But to refuse her an opportunity to give is akin to refusing her expression of love.

If you were to ask Jesus, “what would you like for Christmas?”, how do you think He might answer?  I don’t think there is anything in the world of technology He needs.  He is far beyond cell phones, smart phones, and the like.  There is nothing to buy to make life more comfortable for Him.  And yet, do you think that God wants to deny us opportunity to express our love for Him through more than words?

In Matthew 25, Jesus spoke of those who gave to help the hungry, the thirsty, the poor, the sick, and the prisoners.  He stated that gifts of this nature were equivalent to giving to the Lord himself.  It is as if the most notable way to give to the Lord in a tangible and physical way is to help those who have real needs.

It is not hard to find someone with very real needs.  There are many in our communities who fit the categories listed in Matthew 25.  Individually, we are not able to make huge gains in an ocean of needs, but we can make a difference in a life or in a family. 

Why not ask your heavenly father just like my daughter asked her earthly father, “what would you like for Christmas?”  I know he will show you.